About Us

What is School Council?

The Regal Road School Council is a forum for parents/caregivers and community members to work with the school to support and enhance student learning and school improvement planning.

School Council has several general meetings spread over the school year, along with informal meetings and sub-committee meetings. It is a forum where parents can ask questions and contribute ideas towards improving the learning experience that their children receive. It is also where parents may voice concerns about issues affecting the school community as a whole. You do not have to officially join Council to attend meetings—all parents/caregivers and community members are welcome!

School staff members including the Principal, Vice-Principal, and teachers attend as well to provide information and update Council on current issues.

School Council is made up of parents of Regal Road students. Our children range in age from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. On School Council, there are both the elected members and general members. In between meetings, these parents are working behind the scenes to put together extracurricular events for the school as well as fundraising initiatives. If you have any questions about what we do or ideas on how to improve our approach, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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2020/2021 School Council Elected Members

The School Council Executive Team is made up of the following positions:

Chair: Adam Miller

Treasurer: Tallulah Hershorn

Secretary: Natalie Stickle

To contact us, please email: regalroadsc@gmail.com

Contact Information for Regal and the TDSB

Regal Road Junior Public School: 416-393-1390 or regal@tdsb.on.ca

Michael Morris, Principal: 416-393-1390 or michael.morris@tdsb.on.ca

Sheena Matheson, Vice Principal (Interim): 416-393-1390 or sheena.matheson@tdsb.on.ca

Erin Altosaar, Superintendent: 416-396-9188 or tracy.hayhurst@tdsb.on.ca

Stephanie Donaldson, School Trustee: 416-395-8787 or stephanie.donaldson@tdsb.on.ca

Ascot Daycare: 416-653-7760 or aac@bellnet.ca

FAQ for School Council:

What is a School Council and who can participate?

The Regal Road School Council is a forum for parents/guardians and community members to work together with the school to support and enhance student achievement and well-being, as well as to advocate for accountability in the education system. The School Council is made up of Parent Members - General and Executive (Chair(s), Treasurer, Secretary) - as well as a teacher member and the Principal. Community members are also permitted, where there is interest. We recommend that new parents/guardians spend at least one year as a General Member before applying for an Executive role. Participation in initiatives is open to any parent/guardian volunteers. However, where a decision may require a vote, only Members are permitted to vote.

Members are also required for quorum of all School Council meetings. Self-nomination forms will be sent home in September, with elections for the 2020-2021 school year taking place at our first meeting in October (date to be confirmed).

What is the relationship between School Council and school staff?

Parent Members work collaboratively with staff and administrators to stay informed, ensure alignment on school priorities, and advocate on behalf of Regal Road families. In addition, the administration must approve all School Council fundraising initiatives and goals, as well as consult with the Executive during school planning activities.

My child just started at Regal Road this year - can I join School Council right away?

Yes! Joining the School Council, or even just showing up to meetings, is a great way to learn more about what goes on at Regal Road and integrate into the school.

Do I need to be available during school hours?

No. Many School Council members have schedules that are not compatible with participating in activities during school hours. There are plenty of tasks that can be done remotely or during the evening. Get in touch and we can help figure out how you can help!

How can I get involved in my child’s school if the English language is a barrier for me?

The School Council has access to TDSB translation services at no cost to us. This year, we are working with the administration to ensure our written communications are available in languages that represent our school community. In-person translation services are also available for meetings, where there is need. No matter what language you speak, read and write, you are a valued member of our school community and we want to hear from you!

What happens at School Council meetings?

Each meeting includes an update from the administration about current school events/issues, a financial report from school council and a forum for those in attendance to voice ideas or concerns. Depending on the time of year, meetings may be used to plan upcoming events and/or discuss specific school and community issues. Minutes for the meetings are posted to our website so everyone can stay informed. All parents/guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend – it’s a great way to learn more about what’s happening at Regal Road! Due to Covid-19, this year’s School Council meetings will take place online using Zoom (including online and dial-in options).

What is fundraising money used towards?

Fundraising is permitted for extracurricular programs, events, or supplies that enhance the educational experience. It is not permitted for curriculum learning materials, facility renewal/maintenance/upgrades, or infrastructure improvement.

Why are there limits on what we can fundraise for? I want the best for our kids!

We want the best for our kids, too! But our public school kids shouldn’t get to have resources or equipment that other public school kids may not have access to just because their community has the means. School Council fundraising is meant to complement, not replace, funding for education that is or should be provided equitably across all schools by the Ministry of Education.

I have an idea for the school - what should I do?

Attend a meeting! If that doesn’t work, or if you prefer, contact the School Council via email or Facebook, or in person. We can help you navigate the administration, find resources and/or make a call for volunteers.